Easy Staff Augmentation

Forget curriculum analysis, interviews, all the boring stuff.

  • Agility
  • Connectivity
  • Commitment
  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Profissionalism
Staff Augmentation
Cloud Computing and apps suite

Cloud Computing and apps suite

Se use the most popular and reliable tools to manage our teams and for technological development.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google Drive

Staff Augmentation vs. Managed Services

Understands the best option for you.

Staff Augmentation

Our team takes care of the project until the deploy, then you get the joystick.

Managed Services

We take all tasks, deploy and all the maintenance of your project.

FAQ Test

Online is our focus, so all our acknowledgement is about to increase the online platforms feedback. It can be a website, ecommerce, specific ends systems, network infrastructures, among other items within this little universe. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations.

Increasing of production in daily tasks, scaling personnel with specific skills, increasing the team in strategic ways are some of the items that makes companies to adopt  Staff Augmentation.

Staff Augmentation is about to have one or more skilled professionals taking care of a product or service for a limited period of time. Managed Services is more like a permanent work, where we will be responsible for developing and/or maintenance of a specific product or service. In both options we are responsible for delivering your work the the most agile and transparent way.

The contract time varies accordingly to your goal. We recommend contacting us in the very beginning, to make sure to align 100% of your expectations.

Yes. If the contract period is longer (more than 12 months), we’ll be able to build a solid knowledge base to deliver results with more velocity and accuracy. Even if you hire just one person, we will be able to develop an extensive documentation to internal use in case of replacing the professional.