Why modular?

Beyond letting you add new sections to the pages of your site, you will have the freedom to change also the order of the published content. Did you put a image gallery at the end of the page and wants more visibility? With a simple click and drag you can move the gallery to the top of your website.

Modular sites

See how you can easily edit your website

No bureaucracy, no online calls, no waste of time.

It’ very simple!

Drag and drop elements in a elegant and simple way.


HTML? CSS? IRS? There is no need of coding, acronyms, or somebody that knows that. As soon as we deploy your site, the site is yours to change the order of the modules the way you wish.

Adding new sections

We are always developing new modules, updating technologies, so your website will never look outdated. You can renew your website’s look multiple times a year, no coding skills required.

How we do what we do

A little understanding of the technology behind the magic

WordPress leads the CME market, with a market share of almost 70% (by june/2021). This means that it’s extensively tested.

By default, WordPress comes with the Gutenberg text editor, a powerful tool to control what is seen in your site. Gutenberg, aligned with Advanced Custom Fields, allows us to easily create reusable and easy customizable modules.

One of the most popular WordPress plugins, Advanced Custom Fields (or just ACF) helps the creation of Gutenberg modules, allowing the developing of new and responsive modules with a never seen before easiness.

All of this is possible with a working method called Design System, where all elements are created with reusability in mind.