Hi, tchê! We are Elefante Existencial. We’re 10+ years in the marketing building modular sites, helping, and taking care of the security of the clients around the world. We are part of a lot of successful cases, always wanting more, always focused on the results.

We respect your most precious asset: time. And who has time to waiting a page to load?We build sites with excellent performance and speed in all gadgets.
But what’s the point of having a speedy site that nobody knows?With the SEO optimization we configure your site so it deliver your content in the way that search engine gives people what they want.
We are WordPress experts, the world’s most reliable and used content management system.We have experience in both developing projects from scratch as taking projects at any stage.

Below there are a few projects we’re proud being part of.

Modular websites

Imagine a website were you can build your own pages knowing that they will never break. Now imagine that this technology exists, and it’s ready to be deployed at your company.

It’s very simple”

Drag and drop elements in a elegant and simple way.


HTML? CSS? IRS? There is no need of coding, acronyms, or somebody that knows that. As soon as we deploy your site, the site is yours to change the order of the modules the way you wish.

Adding new sections

We are always developing new modules, updating technologies, so your website will never look outdated. You can renew your website’s look multiple times a year, no coding skills required.